The goddess of disaster that Arahakabi Yasuki accendently released from their shrine's mirror. She is later nicknamed Orihime by Yasuki's sister.She brings about calamity everytime she becomes sad or frustrated. For example, when Yasuki accidentally made her cry in the first chapter, a thunderstorm started.


Orihime(Seori Tsukihime) has long dark purple hair which extend over her waist.Her bangs are blunt and their end is styled in short braids.Two jewel-like orbs can be found on the two sides of her hair.

Her eyes are "Tareme" style,large and lavender.

Her usual outfit at the start is her goddess robe which is an ancient greek styled purple dress but is later changed to a school uniform.Other than that,her attire consists of several casual outfits like swimsuits.

Personality Edit

Orihime has a shy,naive and somewhat childish personality.Her innocent and obedient persona always makes her worry about others before herself and somewhat hate herself for bringing misfortune to other people.She also lacks self confidence and blames herself for being a useless goddess.She usually becomes frustrated easily and cries when she thinks that she has done something bad,bringing misfortune to those around her.

Because she had been trapped inside that mirror for so long,she's always been lonely and seeks to find friends,love and happiness.

She's also deeply in love with Yasuke but she didn't understand it at first.Because of this,she almost has a sort of rivalry with Akari but is pretty much on good terms with her.